Rover Trust & Safety Identity Case Study

Rover Trust & Safety Identity

Why a sub-brand for Trust & Safety, and why now?

Business reason: Trust is one of the biggest barriers to entry for prospective and current customers. It is also one of the biggest value props for preventing off-platform sitter behavior. We want to develop a consistent visual identity for Rover’s trust & safety messaging to be used on product, in PR, marketing, content and any other Rover channels. As the product team invests in features that drive safer stays and as marketing launches value propositions centered around Trust & Safety, a consistent visual and written presentation solidifies our message.

Consumer reason: It is not clear to our customers what part of the Rover experience will enhance their dog’s safety. Additionally, we know trust is one of the biggest reasons for booking, or not booking, with Rover. We believe that clear, concise signals to safety related features will enhance our customers understanding of the importance Rover puts on Trust & Safety, leading to a higher rate of both new and repeat bookings.

Who is our audience?

Current and prospective pet owners and pet sitters, as well as media outlets that cover our business.

What might our customers currently think, in their words?

Pet owners: “Trusting strangers with my pets, who are valued members of my family, can be scary. I am confused on what Rover does or does not do to protect me and my pets.”

Pet sitters and dog walkers: “Caring for a stranger’s pet can be unpredictable, and I am confused as to what Rover does or does not do to protect me and the pets in my care.”

What do we want our customers to think and feel?

It is clear to me how Rover is partnering with me and the Rover community to make every person and pet’s experience as safe and secure as possible. I find comfort in knowing my my pet and I are supported by Rover should an incident occur.

What’s the single most persuasive idea we can convey to them?

Keeping everyone—and every pet—in the Rover community safe is at the heart of everything we do.

Why should they believe it? Our customers see that what we say is what we do. Rover has a consistent narrative, messaging, and look throughout the product, PR and marketing experience. Rover is continually investing in safety, and clearly communicates that to me.

What does Trust & Safety messaging look like today?

Current Trust & Safety messaging is inconsistent, both written and visual. Rover has many measures in place to ensure the safety of our pet and people customers, but we do not sufficiently educate our customers on the reasons to believe.


How will we measure success?

• Consistent branding and communication for Trust & Safety related messaging are adopted throughout product, marketing, PR, CX and any other relevant Rover channels
• Awareness of safety at Rover, measured over time via brand health metrics.
• Quarterly trust survey results

Doodles to show aesthetic inspiration. Sketches to show process. Why was this solution a success that answered the brief?

Trust & Safety Sketches

Trust & Safety Refinement 1

Rover Trust & Safety 1-page implementation guidelines

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